A range of quality wines with an interesting price!

Rosé de Loire

Le ROSE DE LOIRE, is a rosé and refreshing dry wine that associates three grapes varieties: Cabernet (minimum 30%), Gamay and Grolleau. It is the ideal solution with barbecues, starters or even exotic cuisine.

Cabernet d'Anjou

Le CABERNET D' ANJOU (100% Cabernet) is a half-dry rosé wine. Soft and fruity, you can enjoy it before the meal, or in combination with rockmelon or hot starters such as quiches or pastries. To be served at 8-10 degrees.

Anjou rouge

L'ANJOU, soft and aromatic red wine, is made with Cabernet grapes. To be served at 14 degrees, with red meats or cheese


Le SAUVIGNON, is a dry white wine. Very fruity, it is appreciated for its grape taste. To be served young and chilled (8 degrees) with starter or seafood

Anjou Blanc (Domaine de Pierre Blanche)

L'ANJOU BLANC (Domaine de Pierre Blanche) is a dry white wine. Made from Chenin (80%) and Chardonnay (20%), this fine wine will be a perfect match with fish or seafood. To be served at 10-12°C, young or after a few years of storage.

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High quality wines, coming from the selection of the best grapes grown on our best plots.

Anjou Blanc (Château La Tomaze)

This superb white wine, 100% Chenin, is round and structured.  You will appreciate it before or during the meal, served between 14 and 16°C. Ideal to accompany fish dishes (grilled or with sauce), this wine also matches white meats. Try it with a conserve of duck!

Anjou Villages

This grip and structured red wine comes from our best plots of Cabernet. You can enjoy it with red meat dishes or cheese. To be served at 15-16 degrees. This wine can be stored many years.

Coteaux du Layon Rablay - Coteaux du Layon Faye

Those sweet white wines come from the grape variety Chenin. The grapes, infected by Botrytis Cinerea- the so-called "noble rot"- have been harvested by hand in three or four times. Delicate and generous, this wine can be stored many years. To be served chilled (8-10 degrees), before the meal, with a Foie-Gras, a fish dish, cheese (blue cheese especially) or even a chocolate cake.

Crémant de Loire (White or Rosé)

This sparkling dry wine associates three varieties of grapes: Chenin, Chardonnay and Grolleau. The whole fabrication is produced in the cellar of the property so we can offer you a prime quality wine for your parties and receptions. To be served chilled (6 to 8 degrees but not less) before or even during the meal. 



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