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The vineyard is located in Anjou, in a specific area called Coteaux du Layon, 30 km south of Angers.

Thanks to a good sun exposure, a mild oceanic climate and a soil made of schist and gravel, this area provides all the characteristics needed to produce quality wines.

The villages of RablayThe vineyard has been owned by the same family for more than 200 years. At the beginning, the property measured only 20 hectares and was located in the villages of Rablay-sur-Layon and Faye d'Anjou, on each side of the river Layon.

100 years ago, Vincent Lecointre's great-grand father decided to install the cellar in Champ-sur-Layon and built the Château la Tomaze.

The vineyard grew on this village and, after a few years, has been joined by the Domaine de Pierre Blanche.

For 20 years, Vincent Lecointre and his wife Marie-Jeanne have been managing the company that is now 40 hectares wide.

Le ChaiChâteau la TomazeAll our wines have the certification AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée), which means they have been produced in respect of the tradition: they are produced in a specific area and using the same variety of grapes that our ancestors did. Each step of the fabrication, from the harvest to the botteling is still made in the property.

The use of different types of vines (40% Cabernet, 20% Chenin, and 30% miscellaneous) enables the fabrication of many sort of wines divided in two ranges of products:The CabernetLe Chenin




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